-26 postures & 2 breathing exercises, always 90min-

Alexander: Separate head to knee

Alexander King ll, 

Co Founder Bikram Yoga Indiana;

Talks About his first Bikram Yoga class.


Ayanna: So what made you try Bikram yoga the first time?
Alex No particular reason, you/my sister had been doing it for a while and my dad had tried it. Curiosity…I’ve always been one to try just about anything. In retrospect, I’m not sure I had any real idea of what to expect. I have never done anything like this before. I had gone to the gym intermittently over the years.

Ayanna: Do You remember your first class?
Alex: Mostly. I don’t remember being put off by the idea of heat. It was hard!! But in a way that just made sense. It was obvious early on there would be a limit to my endurance/ability. I had to sit from time to time. I had to leave the room and come back in, maybe twice. But it was not discouraging – it made me want to figure out how such a diverse group of people could do it.

The biggest stand out though was a man during the standing series (posture called eagle). He was, I guess, around 60+ years of age. I was surprised, impressed, and intrigued because of his age and the circumstance. It was just obvious to me he had developed tremendous self control, strength, and endurance. I knew what I was experiencing with balance and my own strength and endurance (struggling, wilting). It looked as though there was a bucket being poured steadily over his head dripping from his chin, elbows, knees – the kind of sweat you would expect from tremendous effort. He was Obviously exerting perceptible force, working very intensely, it just seemed an odd sight considering we had not done any running, jumping, quick bursts or forceful movements. What was new to me – exhilarating – was the expression…the look on his face – calm…relaxed, but intensely focused. My heart rate was up. My expression was probably exasperation. It kind of blew my mind. It was, and still is, fascinating.

Ayanna: What would you say to a new student?
Alex: Try your best and don’t give up. Don’t underestimate your own strength. If you give it time everything will improve. Little baby steps. The only goal is to stretch yourself a little in all directions. Your ability is relative – it will be one of best decisions you will make in a lifetime. The good news is – it will probably lengthen your life too!

Today I tell people it’s not the destination (to be perfect in yoga just means trying the right way), it’s the journey. Each class, you sustain or build a little from the last. It’s such a great and self-indulgent thing. You deserve to do this for yourself because it’s for your health, your life. The natural byproduct will be a big payoff for you and anyone around you. In the Bikram practice, from the very first class, you will be swimming in benefits…even with a limited knowledge of what you doing. Don’t be afraid. No expectations. Go for it.

Ayanna: What is your favorite activity outside of class?
Alex: For the last five years, given a choice to do anything, at the top of the list would be hanging out with my son and his mama. He is five now and there is never a dull moment. I’m not sure who learns more – he puts everything in its proper perspective.