-26 postures & 2 breathing exercises, always 90min-
Ayanna: Standing head to knee


Ayanna Brown,

Co-Founder Bikram Yoga Indiana;

Talks about her first Bikram Yoga class.


Alex: What made you go to Bikram yoga in the first place?
Ayanna: After I broke my leg in 1999, my leg would swell while I was standing to do hair. One of the first clients I was working on suggested Bikram Yoga. She said it should help the swelling. So upon her advice, I went the next day!

Alex: What was your first class experience like?
Ayanna: It sucked! Within the first few minutes, I knew I was in trouble. Between using my inhaler and crying, I’m not quite sure how I made it through. I had so many emotions all at once, it was overwhelming. But I also had SO many light bulb moments at the same time.
I remember this lady in the front row – she was at least 70 years old. She just did it like a dance, so naturally graceful, like she’d been doing it forever. Of course, I came to find out she’d been practicing for five years. She is the reason I went back the next morning. How could I, 26 years old, be so far from where she was at 70? So there began my Yoga journey.

From that day, I would FAITHFULLY practice 6 days a week for two years until I went to Bikram teacher training.

Alex: What would you tell someone trying Bikram Yoga for the first time?
Ayanna: Well outside of being well-hydrated and having your mat, towel, and water with you, TRY and remember: it’s all good! Just go and do the best you can; give 110% of yourself for as long as you can; do each movement the best you can based on how you understand it in the moment. Don’t worry about things you can’t seem to do – that’s just stressful and emotional. Just do your honest best.

The best part about this Bikram Yoga – my favorite part – as long as you’re giving 110% effort, trying the the right way, you’re gonna get 110% benefit! It doesn’t even matter what it looks like.

The more you practice yourself, your instrument, the healthier and happier you will become. 🙂

Alex: What’s your favorite activity outside of Yoga?
Ayanna: Easy…hanging out with our son, Rumi! He’s an activity on it’s own; but, that’s a whole other topic. So enjoyed doing this question off with you brother. You continue to inspire me everyday!