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Pure Bikram Yoga was established in New Albany, Indiana in 2001 by the brother-sister team of Alexander King ll & Ayanna Brown.

Hi, Welcome! We are excited you are considering Bikram Yoga. We each have witnessed many of our own students with consistent practice eliminate years of chronic pain, rehabilitate overuse injuries, overcome depression, lose excess weight and develop more confidence and compassion. There is only one time-tested Bikram Sequence. We have great teachers. Try it – it will be one of the best decisions you have ever made. See you soon.

Authentic Bikram yoga teachers are required to complete a nine-week long teacher training. The training is conducted at a remote location requiring trainees to be immersed 24 hours a day. Trainees take class twice daily, in addition, they study anatomy, philosophy, history and practicum, led by Bikram Choudury, inventor of the use of heat in the practice room and the creator of the world famous 26 postures and two breathing exercises.

Authentic Bikram teachers naturally hold themselves to a high standard. These are the only teachers we employ. (they get it, they work hard and love teaching)


“The Real Bikram”. Don’t be misled – there is only The Original HoT Pure Bikram Yoga class. Like a Prescription it requires 90 minutes to complete. Following these prescribed steps is why millions of people all over the world seek out the studios that value truth and a proven sequence. Unfortunately, the way it’s taught frequently gets changed by teachers who don’t understand it. They can’t guide you, and so prey on fears and emotions of innocent people seeking the benefits of this ancient healing therapy.

The following are made up, not Bikram, not real, and worse, not proven to be safe: Bikram without spoken instructions (silent Bikram), Bikram with a twist, 60 or 75 minute class, Bikram flow. Real Bikram studios offer exclusively 90 minute Bikram classes only. Always with spoken instructions by teachers with the most current of Bikram certifications.

Ayanna Brown

Ayanna was introduced to Bikram Yoga in August of 1999. She met Bikram in Hawaii on a Yoga retreat in 2000, where he invited her to get certified and teach Bikram Yoga.

In 2001 Ayanna went through the 500 hour teacher training successfully.
Since then Ayanna has been dedicated to teaching solely Bikram Yoga and practicing herself an average of 4 days a week for 16 years plus.

Ayanna has placed 1st in Indiana USA Yoga Championship 10 times. She has placed 3rd at nationals once and 6th at International Yoga World Championship once.
She has also graced the cover and centerfold pages of Fitness Source twice.
Ayanna prides herself on being a very compassionate and caring teacher. Her favorite part of teaching is watching the seemingly weakest student become the strongest over time!

“I love watching and encouraging the journey! We Look forward to seeing you in class!”

Alexander King II

Alexander has broken many, many bones in his body and say’s it’s impossible to express how much Bikram Yoga has been the primary part of his sustained recovery. (Read his testimony) “I want to pour all my support and experience into willing students; it’s an honor to witness and support the growth that can occur at many stages in one’s practice.”

For the last twenty three years Alexander has been involved in education & teaching. “In the beginning my motivation was to learn. I felt that I could never really know something until I had to teach it.” Sub-contracted and employed by two major design companies based in California and Arizona, Alexander trained teachers, coached educators, led private workshops, and demonstrated his mentor’s philosophy and methodology to large audiences. The teaching took him all over the US and into Canada. My mentor at the time would say “nobody, adults especially, likes to be caught in the act of learning.” He also said “truly advanced(positive growth) understanding is based in consistent repetition of proven fundamental basics.”

Alexander graduated from Bikram Yoga College of India Spring 2002. The last thirteen years his teaching has shifted to Bikram Yoga. “I marvel at the time-tested wisdom handed down through great teachers. The practice of Bikram’s Yoga when done with frequency will unearth our most profound abilities of reason. Through the repetition we will catch ourselves in the act of learning and as adults become our own best teachers. I love this practice and the philosophy which promise something great for anyone willing to try consistently (if I can do it, anybody can).”

Alexander has competed in USA Yoga Championship 5 times. He placed first, Three times becoming Kentucky’s State Championship. “Much of my competition success was due to training with my sister Ayanna and Glenn, my brother in law.”

“My focus as a student/teacher is simple: focus on the basics, the tangible, the real. Nobody can teach you about the taste of honey, you have to taste it for yourself.”

Glenn Brown

Glenn Brown has lived in New Albany Indiana since 1987 , but was born in Alabama in 1980. In 2001 he received 100 hours certification in HsingI Kungfu, QiGong, and Acupressure in England from the Red Dragon School of Martial Arts, and in 2002 became a 500 hour certified Bikram Yoga Instructor in LA . He has been teaching classes at Pure Bikram Yoga Southern Indiana from 2002 up to the present , and is the 10 time Indiana Regional Yoga Champion in the USA Yoga Asana Championship , and also coaches competitors for the championship . In 2010 he founded Lionflow Progressive Yoga & Arts, LLC, based on the method of his home practice. He has worked with many schools, yoga studios , martial arts studios , sport teams , and businesses on location including the U of L Football team , Trinity Volleyball team , Providence Tennis team , Floyd Memorial Hospital staff , IUS staff & students , and Brad Haynes Martial Arts Academy . Glenn is dedicated to sharing the art of yoga , and teaching the details to help each student enjoy a taste of their own potential.

Note from Glenn

As a former high school athlete , and a passive kungfu practitioner , I found in yoga what I had been looking for in sports . The ability to build focus , coordination , stability, and to realign the body to achieve its maximum potential in a surprisingly therapeutic way . Yoga was not what I had suspected it would be , and more specifically Bikram Yoga is what broke the mold . I had the same preconceived notions as most who walk into a yoga class , and I found the intensity surprising . I found yoga was a great way to go toe to toe with your greatest competition , which is yourself , everytime you step on the mat . Yoga has the potential to help us offer our best , and Bikram yoga is a great opportunity to take a step forward toward your true potential, and to open your eyes to the true flexibility & strength you are capable of with a little effort . It is not easy , but nothing worth doing is . I am grateful to have met such an inspiring person & teacher as Ayanna . Her encouragement to become a yoga teacher is something that changed the course of my life , and every moment of practicing & teaching has been worth it . If not for her & Alexander King collaborating to make Pure Bikram Yoga Southern Indiana happen , I have no idea where my life would have gone . Cheers to Ayanna & Alexander for opening the doors , and to all the students that have helped keep the studio open . I am truly grateful.

Sandra Grace

Sandra Grace first visited Bikram Yoga of Southern Indiana in early 2011. Previously she had practiced several different forms of Yoga in Boston, Massachusetts where she worked as an international flight attendant for Northwest Airlines. Even though the yoga practice she experienced before helped mentally, it left her wanting more of a physical challenge. While home, she ventured into several different types of yoga studios. As so many before, after trying Bikram Yoga for the first time, she was hooked. The love of Bikram Yoga later took her to Los Angeles to become a licensed Bikram Yoga Instructor in the Spring of 2012.

“All I can say is that Bikram Yoga works for me. While it may not be “everyone’s cup of tea”, I encourage anyone and everyone to give it at least a try. If anyone had told me years ago that I would later love the practice of Bikram Yoga as much as I do and crave the heat, I would never have believed them. The happiest moments I have had have been during the times of my life that I was able to practice regularly. It is truly the time that I can relax and better myself, and feel great about the results I see and feel. I am so honored to be back home, teaching in this community side by side with such renowned yoga champions and wonderful people.”

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