• Door opens Thirty minutes before class time.
  • Be on time for class-main entrance will be locked at the start of class and will not be unlocked until class is out.
  • Please… only attend class if you can stay for full session.
  • Do not call ahead if running late and do not arrange for a friend to wait at the door to let you in. There are absolutely no exceptions.
  • Enter and exit studio from main entrance only, except in an emergency; observe the locations of emergency exits, alarm will sound when any of these door are opened.

Locker Rooms

  • Be mindful/sensitive to the other people around you.
  • Take all your belongings with you after each class, items left will end up in our lost and found*.

Practice Room

  • Only items permitted in practice room, please. Water, bare feet, mat, shower size towel,hand cloth.
    • Any items of concern should be locked in your car.
    • If you need something else with you, please inform your teacher.
  • Immediately before class; Do not use any perfumes, colognes, or scented oils no matter how natural, these smells can be offensive even nauseating to other students during class. But Please do wear deodorant.
  • Arrive early to class. Classes start and end on time. Please be on your mat with everything you need two minutes prior to the teacher entering the room.
  • Stay until the end of class. It is important for your health and the energy of the group.
  • Honor the silence of the room, especially during savasana. Please no talking, but we don’t care if you moan, cry or scream just make sure your giving 110% of yourself.
  • Follow along with the teacher. Try your best in each posture. If you think you can’t do a posture, sit it out. Please reserve additional postures or postures from other disciplines until after final savasana.
  • We are happy to help you modify any challenging postures. We do not, however, use props in the Bikram Method.
  • Come to class sober. Please do not attend class after using any recreational drugs or alcohol.


  • Please Do Not Solicit; Do not leave literature, distribute literature, post literature anywhere on the premises, this includes our parking lot…. if it’s brought to our attention we will be forced to determine whether to warn or expel solicitor from studio. We do however donate to many charities so please feel free to leave information with your teacher.

Studio Mats & Towels

  • Mats are two dollars each to rent in the studio. After you have used our mat please use one of the wipes provided to wipe off the entire surface that the towel came in contact with. The easiest way is to wipe it off while its still on the floor, before you leave the practice room. Do not roll mat, hang used mat in designated area. Place wipe and plastic bag with soiled towels.
  • Towels are one dollar each to rent and there are free hand towels in locker room. Please return all towels.

Student Owned Mats & Towels

  • Take your mat with you after each class. Any mat with or without a name on it will be held in lost and found.

*LOST AND FOUND. We will do the best we can to hold onto recovered items but we cannot be held responsible for any of your personal items.The items that take up the most space we will donate the soonest. Towels and mats will both be on hold in the lost and found for three weeks only.


The more you practice the more you save. Each class has a value of $14, but there are great savings when you buy multiple classes.

  • Single Class – You can pay as you go. Just drop in take a class anytime.
  • Memberships – All packages have an expiration date and are designed to provide those who attend a-lot of classes an opportunity for more savings. (Classes not used before expiration will be lost, please pay close attention
    to your expire date, there are no exceptions)