• Spoken instructions
  • 90 minute classes
  • 105 degrees
  • 26 postures

Why Bikram?

Nothing parallels authentic Pure Bikram Yoga, the most exciting and effective Yoga Program in the world. Bikram is the yoga handed down by masters from India who introduced yoga to the west more than 50 years ago.

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For Everyone

Bikram designed a sequence of postures most every American can do, regardless of age. Unlike more pretzel-ie styles of yoga, Bikram accommodates stiff bodies, round bodies, injuries from accidents, chronic medical conditions, bodies falling apart from poor lifestyles, overuse sport injuries, and almost any other condition you can name.

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26 Postures

Bikram’s 26 postures sequence designed for beginner level to advance. Each posture works synergistically and cumulatively to provide a total body workout to every system of the body.

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What To Expect

You are lead by Instructions word by word with simple, direct vocabulary through the entire 90 minute long class. After 4-6, classes you will begin to understand the process and feel your potential. Be prepared to work hard and sweat!

How To Prepare

Door opens 30 minutes before class, but please arrive at least 15 minutes early. If it’s your first time at our studio, you will not be admitted into class late. Eat light the day of class and avoid eating three hours prior to class time.

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Our Instructors

Independent, locally & Family Owned (Not a Franchise), established in New Albany, Indiana in 2001 by the brother sister team of Alexander King II & Ayanna Brown . We each have witnessed many of our own students with consistent practice eliminate years of chronic pain, rehabilitate overuse injuries, overcome depression, lose excess weight and develop more confidence and compassion.

It means everything…to do it the right way. The only classes we offer are authentic: The Original HoT Hatha Yoga – 26 postures done twice in a specific order with 2 breathing exercise.

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