Why Bikram Yoga?

It is the perfect lifetime fitness program!
Bikram’s Yoga Program is the most exciting and effective Yoga program in the world. You will sweat, strain, laugh, and do more for your health, self image, and well-being than in any other thing you can do.It is the perfect lifetime fitness program! This program is supercharged, 90 minutes & twenty six ordered postures is designed to enhance the mind, strengthen & reshape the body by balancing & fortifying all bodily systems. The postures are specifically designed to massage, stimulate, relieve tension, manage weight, work out stiffness, release trapped energy, revitalize, and assist in overcoming many physical & emotional problems & disorders.

With Us…
Our certified instructors will help you to advance at your own pace. As with anything in life you wish to achieve, you must be consistent and determined with your practice in order to achieve the best results from Bikram Yoga.

Why Bikram?

Nothing parallels authentic Pure Bikram Yoga, the most exciting and effective Yoga Program in the world. Bikram is the yoga handed down with masters from India who introduced yoga to the west more than 50 years ago.

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For Everyone

Bikram designed a sequence of postures most every American can do, regardless of age. Unlike more pretzel-ie styles of yoga, Bikram accommodates stiff bodies, round bodies, injuries from accidents, chronic medical conditions, bodies falling apart from poor lifestyles, overuse sport injuries, and almost any other condition you can name.

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26 Postures

Bikram’s 26 postures sequence designed for beginner level to advance. Each posture works synergistically and cumulatively to provide a total body workout to every system of the body.

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